The Waterfront Restaurant - Prince Rupert

For my parents' anniversary we took a little day trip to Prince Rupert. They needed to be out of the house so that they could be surprised later when they got home and what better way than a fun little day trip with some yummy food! We ate lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant on the Harbour at the Crest Hotel. The ambiance of the restaurant left something to be desired, but the stunning view definitely made up for the lack of ambiance! For a window seat though, reservations are pretty well mandatory - even if you're just going for a quick lunch!
The one thing that was unique and so cute was the fact that soft drinks were served out of the old fashioned glass bottles! I just had to take a picture because it's so rare to see them these days!

For a starter, my dad and I both ordered the clam chowder. It was deliciously creamy and very flavourful. Definitely a nice way to start the meal off.

When we go to Prince Rupert, the tradition is to order Fish and Chips. Why not when you're right on the ocean and can get some of the freshest and delicious fish around! So we all ordered the Fish and Chips. Below is a photo of my plate - it was beautifully presented and served with a lovely salad - topped with toasted pecans, fresh blueberries, dried cranberries and a mild vinnaigrette. Unfortunately though, the fish was overcooked and as a result was a little dry. The salad was delicious as was the tartar sauce served with the fish though.

Overall though it was a nice lunch and a great opportunity to visit with my parents and enjoy the view. Apparently brunch is absolutely delicious at the Waterfront Restaurant! Their specialty is a smoked salmon eggs benedict! I will definitely be returning to give that a try next time I'm up north visiting. Thanks Dad for a great lunch and an enjoyable trip to Prince Rupert! When we returned home, I officially shocked them with a surprise bbq party in their back yard with 50 of their closest friends and family members! A good time was had by all. Be sure to check back to my blog tomorrow - I'll have a couple of wine suggestions for your weekend (which is just around the corner)!! Happy Thursday!

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