Lunch at Covert Farms - Oliver, BC

On my most recent visit to Oliver, BC, I had the privilege of visiting Covert Farms for lunch. Covert Farms is one of the leading producers of fruit and vegetables in the Okanagan and the best part - they're all organic. You can honestly taste a difference when you eat their produce and compare it to what you're used to purchasing in the grocery store. It is such a quaint little country market with a nice organic cafe where we had our lunch.

The market sells most any produce that is in season as well as local organic cheeses, and other delectable tidbits. The cafe is lovely! I took some photos of the menu - not sure how well you'll be able to read them, but I thought everything sounded delicious and was very reasonably priced. Even if you can't read the writing on the menu - the photos of the various menu items look delicious.

Each table on the outdoor patio had a lovely little flower arrangement on it. The flowers were freshly cut from the various flower gardens around the farms. While we were sitting on the patio enjoying our lunch, staff members from the cafe would come out and pick fresh herbs from the gardens surrounding the patio to be used on the lunch plates as garnishes or to include in the various dishes they served. Thats how fresh everything is!

Any way - on to the food! A couple of us ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It was delightful! The usual way to serve a pulled pork sandwich is with coleslaw on the side, but Covert Farms added their own twist and served the coleslaw on the sandwich. Absolutely a great twist on the original. The plates were very simply presented - big sandwich, fresh veggies and fruits from the farm and a lovely curried dip for the veggies. Perfect summer lunch!

The other dish we ordered was a roasted vegetable quiche. It was also lovely and presented the same way as the pulled pork sandwich. It was flavorful and didn't have the thick pastry crust that can make most quiche so high in fat and unhealthy.

A simple, healthy and tasty meal was had at Covert Farms. If you're ever in the Oliver area, I would encourage you to check out the farm market and perhaps dine in their cafe. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Did the quiche have any type of crust, or was the mixture simply poured directly into the baking dish? Wish I could take a bite right now!

  2. It was just poured right into the baking dish! Very yummy!