Dunham & Froese Estate Winery

Well, its the weekend again! What better topic to blog about on the weekend than visiting vineyards! I had the opportunity to visit Dunham & Froese Estate Winery in Oliver, BC on my vacation this year. The wine maker, Kirby Froese is distantly related to my dad, so it was really cool to check it out and sample some of the wines (never mind the fact that we came home with 1/2 a case of wine!!).

The wine we sampled was delicious, though the white wines were my favorite. The tasting room was attached to the Covert Farms restaurant and was very cute and cozy. The wine can be ordered online through their website or it can be found at a number of restaurants and boutique wine stores throughout the lower mainland and the Okanagan. They list all locations on their website. Here are a few photos from our visit. As I drink the bottles we purchased, I'll blog about them and share tasting notes with you (be forewarned - it could take a while - not because I'm a slow drinker, more due to the fact that we purchased a lot of wine on our last vacation!!!).

Check back tomorrow! I'll be posting a great recipe for banana bread. Until then, enjoy your weekend my friends. Cheers!

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