Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

Since its the weekend, I thought one alcohol-related post was in order! My sister's good friend told her about this whipped cream flavoured vodka that was only available in the USA and so last time we were in the US we went on a bit of a goose chase to find this vodka. It was totally worth it - it was soooooo decadent tasting. Annndddd we just received a tip from one of my sister's co-workers that the vodka is actually available in Canada now - it was spotted at a government liquor store in Langley! YAY!

We placed 1 chilled oz of the whipped vodka in a martini glass and topped it up with rootbeer and it tasted amazing. There are soooo many recipes for this type of vodka and you can check them out if you click here. You can also check out the Pinnacle Vodka website by clicking here - they have some really yummy looking vodka flavours. Check it out to see if they're available in your area. :)
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