Bread Baking Day #40 - Bread with Curd

I've had a hard time getting myself organized enough to participate in the monthly Bread Baking Day for the last couple of months, but I promised myself I would actually participate this month! I was pleasantly surprised that this month's challenge, hosted by Zorra Kochtopf of the blog kochtopf.twoday.net , was to bake bread with curd. Zorra noted that any curd could be used in making this bread and it could be homemade or store bought.

I chose to make mine with dry curd cottage cheese. I made this recipe for Dill Cottage Cheese Batter Bread. It was very easy and called for very basic ingredients. This was a great challenge, so thank you to Zorra for hosting!

I thought the bread dough looked a little yucky to start with and before it was baked, but the change that took place while baking was incredible. The bread is light and airy in texture with considerable flavour from the dill and the onions and the curds of cottage cheese browned up so nicely to add beautiful colour to the loaf of bread.

Do try out this recipe if you get a chance! And if you don't get a chance to try this recipe out, at least take a minute to check out the roundup of recipes the week after June 1st on Zorra's website. You will be amazed at all of the creativity of the members of this great group. And maybe, just maybe, you will be inspired to participate next month!!

Happy Baking my Friends!

And happy bread baking day #40 to all my bread baking day friends too!! :)


  1. Thank you for participating. Seems dill and cottage cheese was the choice of this BBD. ;-) Your bread looks very yummie!

  2. I'm loving this dill & cottage cheese combo, as well. Sounds wonderful =)