Weekend Wine!

Well, I finally have another wine to share with you! Its Friday and what better time to share a bottle of vino? I haven't shared a bottle of wine with you for quite some time and its not that I haven't been drinking wine, its just that I haven't been drinking wine that is really memorable enough to prompt me into a photo taking frenzy so that I have something to post on my blog! But this wine is definitely worth sharing - in fact I'm very excited to share it with you!

The 2009 Canoe Cove North Bluff Pink wine comes from a local Fraser Valley winery called Domaine de Chaberton. The vineyard's tasting notes are as follows:

"a 100% BC zinfandel wine with a very sophisticated twist. This beautiful
blush-coloured wine boasts subtle strawberry, raspberry and plum flavours that
tantalize the palate, making it a favorite for everyone on any occasion. A
light, crisp, refreshing wine with a pastel rose colour that reflects its
youthful innocence. Its delicate bouquet hints of light floral, spice and fruit
aromas. Light in body and medium dry, it has a well balanced, clean fruity
flavour. This exceptional new blend exhibits berry and citrus aromas with juicy
orange notes which make for a deliciously bright finish... Serve chilled on its
own or with many food choices."

If you're wondering what those many food choices are, you're in luck! The vineyard also posted some suggested food pairings for this wine:

  • bouillabaisse
  • roast turkey
  • curried chicken salad
  • warm grilled chicken salad with carmelized onions
  • spiced seafood

To name a few...!! You can find this wine in quite a few liquor stores, but for a comprehensive listing, check out their webpage. If you can't find the wine near you, well you're still in luck! You can also order online here. And if you're interested in trying more vino from this winery, you definitely can't go wrong with their Baccus. It is amazing! Happy Friday my Friends!


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