Champagne Afternoon Team - Little White House Salon Cafe

I like to go for afternoon tea! Its a fun weekend activity and a really nice treat. If you go to a good place you'll get some fantastic baked goods (all mini-sized of course) and delicious savory items as well. And you'll likely get some pretty fantastic tea what with it being a tea place and all. I'm definitely all about the tea, but I have to admit that when I discovered that the Little White House in Fort Langley offered champagne afternoon tea, well I was all over that. Champagne plus decadent baked goods and savory sandwiches? I was excited.

Sister and I went on a Saturday with a couple of girlfriends. It was a great treat and definitely worth the drive out to Fort Langley. They served us some delicious champagne - we each got our own mini bottle. It was poured for us at the table! Definitely one of the better tasting champagnes I've ever had.

When you walk in the door it takes a minute to get used to how small the space is - the cafe is in the back half of a beautiful old home in Fort Langley. The cafe is very quaint and cozy, with small tables and antique decor. It really is lovely! It took a while, but we weren't in a rush - we had good conversation and delicious champagne to tide us over until the food came. And come it did...

We had an entire tier of savory items.. delicious scones, mini quiches, mini sandwiches, and these amazing croissants stuffed with some of the best egg salad I have ever tasted! I think the concensus of the table was that this one was the favorite of the day!

Annndddd an entire tier of sweets as well! Mini cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, macaroons, and some delicious cookies. More than enough for all of us. We could barely finish all of the food. But boy was it good!

I would go back to the Salon Cafe at the Little White House. The quality of the food was very high and the value was good. At about $19 per person (for champagne high tea), it was a great deal! I hope you get a chance to check it out some time if you're in the neighborhood. Or better yet, make a day out of it - visit Fort Langley and check out the cozy bookstore, Wendell's and the great kitchen store on the corner. Wander around and check out the beautifully restored historic homes or wander along the fort-to-fort trail by the river. All in all it makes for a great and relaxing day!

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