Weekend Wines

I tried a few new wines this weekend... two that are worth mentioning! First one was on Friday night and man was it tasty. It was a 2008 Gewurztraminer from the Okanagan winery Gray Monk. I found the wine to be quite sweet and very smooth to drink. The finish was very nice with little to no bitterness. We served the wine on its own before dinner. The Gray Monk winery has the following tasting notes on their webpage:

"Yellow green in hue, this wine has distinctive and powerful aromas of herbal
spice, fresh melon and ripe peaches. The flavours are exceptionally complex,
showing notes of lichee, melon, tropical fruits and even a suggestion of Earl
Grey tea. The finish is crisp and fresh, with notes of spice that linger on the
palate. Served chilled, this wine is appealing on its own, with salads or Asian
Here are a couple pictures of the bottle and label in case you decide you want to try it. It was about $17 per bottle at the government liquor store.

Another feature wine of the weekend was Dr. Loosen 2008 Reisling from Germany. I tasted this wine about 2 months ago at a beginner’s wine tasting class and wanted to try it on my own at home. The wine is fantastic – it is an off dry wine that pairs extremely well with smoky cheeses such as applewood smoked cheddar. I would recommend this wine for new wine drinkers particularly those who have trouble finding a wine that is not too dry for their tastes. Here are a couple of pics of the labels in case you decide you want to try it out:

Both of these wines are really reasonably priced and can be found in most government liquor stores... if you can find them in stock! :) Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Check back soon - I still have a few meals I cooked on the weekend to write about!

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