Golden Kiwi

So apparently I have been out of the loop in the fruit world. I was at a friend's house about a week ago and noticed something that looked like a kiwi sitting on her counter, but it was clearly not a kiwi - not nearly hairy enough. Upon asking her what this was, she informed me that it was a Golden Kiwi. Looks similar to a regular kiwi, but lighter in colour and far less hairy. She informed me that you can even eat the skin (you can eat the skin of regular kiwis, but the texture is rather hairy and most people don't find it all that pleasurable!).

So I looked the Golden Kiwi up on Wikipedia and they noted the following:

"Gold Kiwifruit or "Hinabelle", with yellow flesh and a sweeter, less
acidic flavour resembling a tropical fruit salad...Gold Kiwifruit have a smooth, bronze skin, a pointed cap at one end and distinctive golden yellow flesh with a less tart and more tropical flavour than green kiwifruit. It has a higher market price than green kiwifruit. It is less hairy than the green cultivars, so can be eaten whole after rubbing off the thin, fluffy coat."
Here are some pictures of this yummy fruit!

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  1. mmmmmm. that kiwi looks "oh so scrumptious." it was going to say it makes my mouth drip, but apparently the kiwi dripped before me. hahahahahahahahaha.