Roger on 10th - Restaurant Review

While I was out of town for work, my co-workers and I tried out a great new restaurant in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. Roger on 10th was delicious - great west coast style food with wonderful service. Check out the review I wrote on TripAdvisor if you're interested. Otherwise, just check out the pictures of a couple of the dishes we ordered. Above is the herb crusted chicken with pureed potatoes and below is a lamb curry served with rice and raita. Both dishes were great! I can't wait to go back there and try out some more of their exquiite menu.

Happy Friday to all of you! Hope you enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun (or relaxation) planned. Happy Cooking my Friends!

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  1. Looks delicious! I was in Port Alberni a few years ago, on the drive to Tofino. We had lunch at a roadhouse-type restaurant right on the water. Not sure I'll get back that way anytime soon (long way from home!) but if I do, I'll know where to eat next time! :)